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The Davie County Lacrosse Group mission is to provide youth in the community an environment that develops the ideals of good citizenship, sportsmanship, honesty, respect and integrity through the game of lacrosse. Davie County Lacrosse Group will provide a healthy, safe learning environment that teaches the game of lacrosse through skills training and competition that promotes teamwork, respect for all and fair play regardless of skill level, gender, or ethnic background.


In 2011, a young man begged his parents to play Lacrosse. His parents knew nothing of the game, but found a team in a neighboring community. Half way through the season, this young man was told there would not be anywhere for him to play the following year. While his peers would continue to play for their high schools, he did not have that option. When his parents offered to pay the fees to enroll him in a high school with a lacrosse program, he refused. “If I’m going to play lacrosse, I’m going to play for my school, in my community, with my teammates.” – Michael Rauen

His loyalty to this community sparked a desire in us to make his dream a reality. In 2012, we began a campaign to start a club level team at Davie County High School for the 2013 season. In 2013, after a tremendous turnout for the club level team, school administrators decided to roll the team into the athletic department making Men’s lacrosse a varsity sport. In 2014, Davie County Lacrosse had it’s first ever youth boys lacrosse team, the Davie Warriors.

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Board of Directors


Rich Maconochie


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Vice President

Michelle Richardson


Rich Maconochie

Director - Coaching Development


Director - Field and Equipment Maintenance

Tamara Parker


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Director - Fundraising

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Director - Promotions

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