What an awesome start to our season! 50+ players and 3 strong teams!
Some random thoughts:
In upping our LAX IQ the most effective way is in watching higher level play.
High School/College and Pro offer a glimpse of what the game holds in the future for your players. Not everyone is going to be a pro athlete but who does not want to see the sport they are in played at the highest level? Isn’t that why we watch the World Series, the Final Four, Super Bowl? Put yourself and your youth player in front of a higher level Lacrosse game and watch the Lax IQ grow!
Parents and players often ask “what is the best piece of equipment I can get for my child to help them get better as a lacrosse player?”. In my opinion hands down it’s a rebounder. Everything you need to get better in lacrosse centers around stick skills. Once they can throw/catch/cradle the world opens up to them. With a wall/rebounder they can get hundreds of touches in a fraction of time that would be spent chasing loose balls…not that that is totally a bad thing because they get to work on their ground ball skills!
And lastly speaking of ground balls all of the programs that I have been involved in have always stressed the basics. Pass/catch/ground balls. As a young program and young players by far the most important is ground balls. When we win the “ground ball war” lots of prizes come with that. Possession being the #1 prize! When we have the ball they cannot score! We play less defense which is much more tiring to our players! We have that many more opportunities to score! The list goes on and on.. One HS I worked for thought it so important we did nothing of substance in the first week except work on ground balls. That head coach is now has the most wins (400+) in MA state history. Focus on the basics..winning comes as a result! On of my favorite shirts (the seniors designed a t-shirt each year) was on the front GBWG. Ground Balls Win Games.
Lets work on the basics and have a great season!

Coach Rich