I’ve always heard the saying “There is no I in team. But there is a me!”.

Well that’s used to highlight the idea that a team sport relies on all the players pulling together to achieve a goal. In the case of lacrosse the ultimate goal is to win games at whatever level you are at be it Rec or Pro.

How do we teach our young players to be “team” first but still develop as an individual player. In that mind set I do believe there is a huge influence as parents of athletes we have on our players. Sharing with them that all people have a talent but that their talent may be something you cannot do well or for that matter your talent may be something they struggle at.

Teaching them how help others and acccept help themselves is not only huge in athletics but in life! Who started anything without help from people around them? Be it riding a bike or cooking or your current profession did you have to learn everything by yourself? Sure, to become proficient and at some points excel at that task you had to put in individual effort . But how do you remember the people that showed you kindness and patience while you were learning or for that matter took the time to help you along the way? I count some of my best friends, teachers and coaches among that group!

One of those coaches for me said “Playing lacrosse does not expose weakness! What it exposes is character!”.

All the traits we want of our children are there for the learning.

All those traits we want in our children are there for the teaching.

Team means much more than what you see on the field on Saturdays. Parents are not only part of the team they define for younger players what they get out of the team.

Coach Rich